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Ponds and Water Features

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Water features, Ponds, and Waterfalls add beautiful and functional spaces to your landscaping

Water Fountains

If you are trying to increase the value of your home while adding an area to relax, investing in a water fountain is a great place to start. If a small pond or lake already exists on your property, adding a water fountain will be a great way to compliment your pond or lake. The advantages of adding a water fountain to your property include:

Prevent stagnant water: Ponds and lakes generally have stagnant water which is attractive to organisms and parasites. Water fountains can cycle the water which can prevent these organisms from growing.

Eliminate Bug Issues: Insects such as flies and wasps, bees and yellow jackets are attracted to still bodies of water. The churning of water that comes with water fountains will eliminate the presence of these insects in your backyard and property.

Additional Value: Ponds and lakes come with additional maintenance that can be very tedious to maintain. Water fountains can make pond or lake maintenance easier by lowering the amount chemicals having to be used.


A landscape waterfall can be exactly what you need to bring your backyard or patio all together. A waterfall or stream on your property could be the focal point in which your backyard can be built around or it could just be a wonderful statement piece to the patio. The options for design and building material to create waterfalls are endless which makes the waterfall even more personal.

The benefits of having a waterfall on your property include:
• Reducing noise pollution in your neighborhood
• Increasing the overall value of your home
• Reducing the presence of mosquitos in the summer
• Attracting birds and other wildlife

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