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Create an incredible patio, a fantastic fire pit or fire place, new front stairs, a beautiful walkway or gorgeous landscape plantings. We have the experience you need!

Fire Places

Add value to your house with the addition of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Create the perfect atmosphere in your cozy outdoor space or roast the perfect marshmallow. J and R Fine Landscaping designs and builds exceptional stone and brick fireplaces, chimneys, mantels, flue, and fireboxes.

Outdoor Patios

For those occasions when you are entertaining friends and family, a beautifully constructed patio can be exactly what you need to create a welcoming setting. Redesign your outdoor patio to add functionality and value to your house.

Stone Walls

A stonewall on your property is a great way to add character to your home and when done correctly, can last a lifetime. Using stone to build any kind of structure is a craft that is indeed timeless. Stone structures can be traced to the beginning of civilization and some of them are still standing to this day. Stonewalls are still very relevant because of this very fact and have been popularized by many stone structures in the New England area. J and R Fine Landscaping has the ingenuity and experience to build well-made and sturdy stone walls and field-stonewalls.

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